Workplace Impairment Detection For Marijuana Use: The Pros And Cons Of Testing

Marijuana at work? It’s a subject of very hot discussion today as more states legalize marijuana for both medical and leisure time use. Even though many organisations are reticent to medication exams for anxiety about burning off very good workers, the truth is that workers who arrive to function higher can pose a serious danger to themselves along with their coworkers. That’s why it’s necessary for businesses to possess a Workplace Impairment Detection process in place due to marijuana use.

There are a few various ways that companies may go about finding workplace impairment because of marijuana use.

●The very first is through aesthetic cues. If an employee’s eyes are bloodshot or their pupils are dilated, that could be a sign that they’re under the effect. Yet another telltale sign is if a worker would seem unusually exhausted or sluggish. Needless to say, these cues may also be brought on by elements aside from medication use, so they must be regarded as in tandem with many other signals.

●Another way to recognize workplace impairment is by habits changes. If an worker who may be normally very punctual suddenly starts showing up late or calling in sick on a regular basis, that may be a sign of medication use. Likewise, if the staff who is normally very productive suddenly commences making more faults or their top quality of work suffers, that could also be an indication of impairment.

●The next and ultimate strategy to detect workplace impairment on account of marijuana use is through drug testing. While many organisations are loath to substance test their employees, it could be the simplest way to get conclusive evidence of impairment. There are some different kinds of medication tests that may be implemented, but the most frequent will be the pee test. This type of analyze can generally recognize marijuana use throughout the final few days. Your hair follicle tests are another option, but they’re far less typical and are generally much more costly.


Businesses should take steps to make certain that their employees are not weakened by marijuana while on the job. There are a few various ways to go about this, including observing visual cues and alterations in actions, as well as giving medicine tests. Getting these actions can help develop a safe and fruitful workplace for everybody engaged.