Why Buy Bulk Organic Garlic Bulbs?

If you’re looking for garlic in bulk, you’re in luck! Bulk organic garlic bulbs are a great way to save money while still enjoying a delicious and aromatic flavored bulb. You’ll be able to get more garlic for your money when you grow your own bulbs from seed, which means you can save on shipping fees and enjoy your new product sooner! There are several different ways to get Fatboy Bulk organic garlic bulbs. Listed below are a few suggestions for you.
1. Grow your own garlic from seed.
If you have a preference for the garlic type, it’s important to pay attention to where you buy your seeds. If you want to grow the most common varieties, such as the “hard neck” and “bulb” types, then get the seeds directly from a reputable seed company. You can purchase them online or in a store like Gurney’s Seed and Nursery in California, or at one of their many locations across the country!
2. Buy bulk organic garlic bulbs from a local grower.
Organic garlic bulbs are often sold by bulk in farm markets across America but are also sold by mail order companies and online vendors. If you’re looking for organic garlic bulbs, be sure to purchase them from a reputable seller that offers quality control measures on their products. The bulbs should be firm with no soft spots or blemishes (if they are not firm, it’s a sign of age and they will be less potent). The bulbs should also have a moist appearance, not dry.
Softneck garlic is easier to grow than hardneck varieties. These bulbs have between ten and forty cloves arranged in several layers. Because softneck garlic bulbs don’t have flower stalks, they’re easier to braid. Softneck garlic varieties have a longer shelf life than hardneck varieties, and you can braid them with foliage for more product volume and variety. To harvest the bulbs by hand, just rake off the leaves and loosen the soil around them.