Strategic Planning for High-Level Executives and Clients

Introduction: For an executive protection professional, you are accountable for the safety and security of your respective customer. This simply means being prepared for any eventuality, such as handling incidents swiftly and successfully. With this article, we shall explore incident managing and command strategies for executive protection brokers.

When an accident happens, you should conserve a calm and specialist manner. Recall that you will be in charge and this the safety of the buyer depends on your measures. Below are great tips for dealing with mishaps:

1. Look at the situation. The first task is always to evaluate the scenario and determine the degree of the accident. Is this a small misfortune or even a key security infringement? When you have established the severity of the occurrence, you are able to consider suitable action.

2. Inform your staff. Once you have examined the situation, it is important to alert your team so that they can be on hand to help you out if needed. Based on the harshness of the occurrence, you may also must notify security or law enforcement.

3. Do something. Once you have alerted your team, it is actually a chance to make a change. This may imply evacuating the property, supplying medical, or taking other actions so that the security of your buyer. What ever actions you take, it is very important stay quiet and specialist constantly.

4. debrief. Right after the accident has become resolved, it is very important debrief with the staff to help you gain knowledge from what actually transpired and boost your treatments for the next time. It is additionally a great idea to debrief along with your buyer so they understand what took place and the way you taken care of it.


Being an Pacific West Academy broker, you should be ready for any eventuality—including incidents big and small. By using these guidelines for Incident Management & Order Methods, you are able to ensure you are able to manage any situation which comes the right path.