anna kendrick nude Photos Leaked in Major Hacking Scandal

In 2014, an enormous hacking scandal rocked the enjoyment entire world when individual nude pictures of dozens of woman celebrities, which include Oscar-profitable actress Jennifer Lawrence, have been leaked out on-line. The photos were actually obtained through a stylish strike on Apple’s i celebs nude assistance and contributed to extensive condemnation through the open public and security supporters.

Just how the Crack Happened

The crack was perpetrated through a advanced strike on Apple’s iCloud services, which is often used by millions of people to store photographs, videos, and other data files on-line. The hackers were able to get the login credentials of celebs along with other high-profile end users via a approach referred to as “brute pressure” hacking, which involves making use of computerized software to imagine security passwords before the correct one is identified. After they possessed access to the celebrities’ balances, they could actually download their personal images and video lessons.

The Aftermath of the Hack

The leak from the images led to prevalent condemnation in the community and level of privacy advocates. Many individuals charged The apple company of not undertaking enough to protect its users’ info, while others blamed the superstars themselves when planning on taking and holding nude photographs on their own devices to begin with. Jennifer Lawrence was one of the more vocal critics of the crack, getting in touch with it a “sex criminal offense” and vowing to take court action against anybody who distributed the leaked out images.

In the long run, the hackers had been never caught with out one was at any time billed in experience of the leak. However, the scandal do bring about elevated analysis of iCloud safety and motivated many end users to eliminate their balances or consider other methods to protect their information.


The drip of private nude photos owned by Jennifer Lawrence as well as other woman superstars was a significant scandal that rocked Hollywood in 2014. The hackers who received the images have never been captured, nevertheless the incident led to elevated examination of iCloud protection and motivated lots of people for taking methods to protect their info.