3 types of breast implants you should know about

Successful breast surgeries have helped numerous women all over the world gain their life back. This type of medical intervention goes beyond giving the breasts an ideal look. It makes women feel confident, happy and secure with their bodies, which reflects on various sides of their lives. Dr Leonard Hochstein, a well-known plastic surgeon in Miami Florida, has a solid career in breast implant procedures. In fact, he performed nearly 30,000 breast surgeries in the U.S and worldwide.
If you are interested in knowing more about breast augmentation, this blog will give insight about the types of augmentation implants:
Fat transfer augmentation
This is another well-regarded augmentation method. This method simply relies on implanting fat, which was taken from other body parts. Then, your surgeon implants these fat cells into your breast through an injection. This is a more complicated procedure compared to prosthetic implanting, as a part of the procedure includes performing liposuction. Transferred fat is typically taken from areas with excess fat tissues, such as the stomach or thighs.
Silicone implants
These types of implants are famous all over the world. The prosthetic implants consist of shells made of silicone. These shells are filled with silicone gel. These implants are pre-filled before the procedure. This way, you can go to the operating room with your new implants in the required size. Dr. Hochstein recommends choosing a top-notch and specialized augmentation surgeon to make sure that your implants will not break and leak their filling. Silicone gel is not really a safe substance to be absorbed by your system. Many patients love this implant type, as it makes the implants feel like natural breasts.
Saline Implants
This comes as the second most popular type of implant. Unlike silicone ones, saline implants are not pre-filled. They get filled after being placed into a patient’s body. Just like silicone gel implants, they also have silicone shells. But they are not as natural in feeling as silicone implants. However, if you are looking for a safer option, you should discuss this option with your surgeon.