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Magic mushrooms are based on psychedelic mushrooms who have an organic starting. These are typically designed mushrooms through a compound substance named psilocybin, a hallucinogenic and psychoactive ingredient of natural provider. There are several than 180 sorts of these magic mushrooms which can have their particular labels like:

•PsilocybeCubensis: Here is the most easily produced magic mushroom, there are currently over 60 different challenges.

•Psilocybeazurescens: It is called soaring claws, light blue angels, light blue joggers or azzies.

•Psilocybesemilanceata: It is called Liberty caps and are regarded around the globe.

•Psilocybetampanensis: This sort of magic mushroom includes psilocybin and generates yellowish-brownish truffles.

•Psilocybe Mexicana: Here is the kind of magic mushroom the Aztecs use, and they also think of it as teonanacatl. Which means “beef of the gods.”

•Psilocybecyanescens: They are classified as wavy caps and increase inside the Pacific Northwest and European countries.

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