How To Grow and Care Philodendron Serpens

Trying to find a wonderful and very low-routine maintenance houseplant? Check out Philodendron Serpens! This plant is not difficult to care for and will flourish in a variety of situations. In this particular manual, we are going to talk about everything you need to understand about growing and taking care of Philodendron Serpens. We shall include from placing to watering to fertilizing. Therefore if you’re searching for a spectacular supplement to your house or business office, be sure to give Philodendron Serpens a try!


philo serpens may be cultivated in earth and h2o. If planting in dirt, be sure to make use of a well-emptying planting blend and place the vegetation in indirect light. H2o on a regular basis, making certain the soil is moistened yet not soggy. To grow your Philodendron Serpens in normal water, location cuttings or modest plants in a vase loaded with distilled or purified water. Alter the drinking water every 2-3 several weeks to prevent germs buildup.

Irrigating, Fertilizing

In relation to irrigating, always check the top in . of the earth before introducing any extra dampness. Your Philo Serpens will not be placed in drinking water, as this can lead to cause rot. Utilize a balanced fluid fertilizer every 1-2 a few months throughout the summer and spring. Weaken the fertilizer according to package deal instructions. Finally, Philodendron Serpens is not going to require trimming or repotting typically. Even so, when your grow is now overcrowded or leggy, clip back long stalks and repot into a slightly larger pot utilizing a clean planting blend.

Temperature and Humidness

Philodendron Serpens is not choosy with regards to heat, if it keeps within the range of 60-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant prefers higher levels of humidity. Think about positioning them within a bathroom or near a humidifier to keep the atmosphere moist. You can mist your plant with h2o every week to improve dampness degrees.

Total, Philodendron Serpens is really a stunning and low-routine maintenance addition to any inside space. With care and attention, your vegetation will continue to prosper and bring lifestyle to your property or business office. Happy gardening!