How to Choose the Best Skateboard Bearing Oil for Your Needs

If you would like your skateboard to work smoothly, it is very important maintain your skateboard bearing oil. This helps reduce rubbing and wear which will help prevent corrosion. The correct oil may also safeguard your bearings from soil and trash. Continue reading to learn more about keeping your skateboard bearings moisturized and working efficiently.

Good Reasons To Lubricate Your Skateboard Bearings:

Skateboard bearings are made of aluminum, and just like all steel parts, they need to be moisturized to minimize rubbing and use. Lubrication can also help prevent corrosion. In addition, the appropriate oil can safeguard your bearings from grime and debris. Discover ways to clear skateboard bearings.

What type of Oil to Use on Skateboard Bearings:

There are a number of skin oils that can be used on skateboard bearings. The most important thing is choosing an oil intended for aluminum bearings. Moreover, you must pick an oil with great lubricating attributes and resistance to grime and debris. Some popular manufacturers involve Bone Bearing Oil, Bronson Pace Co. Bearing Oil, and Independent Legitimate Pieces Bearing Oil.

How Often to Oil Skateboard Bearings:

It really is generally recommended that you oil your skateboard bearings every few months. However, if you drive frequently or even in dusty or messy conditions, you may want to oil them more regularly. Also, if you notice that your bearings are starting to really feel dried up or gritty, it can be time and energy to oil them.

How you can Clean Skateboard Bearings:

To clean your bearings, start by removing the wheels from your skateboard. Next, make use of a bearing more clean or solvent to eliminate soil, debris, or outdated fat from your bearings. After the bearings are cleansed, include a couple of drops of new oil to each and every one particular. Then, re-set up the wheels and spin these people to distribute the oil equally.


Your skateboard bearings are necessary for sleek efficiency and longevity. The best oil can help minimize rubbing and dress in, stop rusting, while keeping your bearings nice and clean. Be sure you oil your bearings every several months, or more often, in the event you drive frequently or in unclean situations.