How to choose an online reputation management expert?

Every company, brand, or business needs a reputation management strategy. This is very important because customers depend on what they read and hear to make buying decisions. At least 80% of customers rely on reviews to determine whether they will purchase products from a brand in question or not. If your company or business has not been making sales, there are high chances that its reputation is in ruins. Many things can affect the reputation of a company or a brand including customer services, quality of products, and timely delivery among other things. If you are an expert in reputation management, you can handle your reputation but when you do not know anything about it, you should hire someone who can do it for you. Here is how you can choose an online reputation management expert such as Francis Santa
Check how successful the expert has been
Before hiring any reputation management expert, it will be very important to try and find out how successful they have been before. Any reputable reputation management expert must have a track record to show. Do not just go for anyone whom you find first because in this case, results will always matter. It will be important to go for an expert who has been in this reputation management field for a long time and one who has been successful.
Must have a plan
When you are looking for a reputation management expert, it will also be very important to look at the detailed plan that the expert has. You should not rely on hearsay when it comes to this. There should be a work plan on how the ORM expert is going to work. It is only by checking that you should agree to sign a contract.